REVIEW: Taming Toxic People

For the most part, I enjoyed David Gillespie's Taming Toxic People. I think it was insightful and definitely interesting. However, what I find most disturbing, is his liberal use of the word 'psychopath'. To me, it's reminiscent of everyone using the word 'narcissistic' for people who upload daily selfies: It's used too often without the proper … Continue reading REVIEW: Taming Toxic People

Some Girls Are

People act like life is so different after high school; like if you weren’t ‘popular’ it doesn’t matter because things would suddenly change.  Be better.  Become better. In some ways, I guess that’s true.  Things are, in many ways, easier to deal with.  Small dramas no longer feel like they are potentially life-ending, earth-shattering bad.  … Continue reading Some Girls Are