I Don’t Need Feminism

Lately, the internet has been screaming with cutesy girls who have scrawled cutesy messages detailing why they don’t need feminism. Many of these women have declared that feminism is unnecessary because women aren’t objectified or oppressed in our society anymore so feminism is just, like, so silly and so unnecessary.

For all those women, and those that share similar opinions; please stop talking because you don’t know what you’re talking about and your ignorant comments make you look, well, ignorant.

Before you flare up and retort that you are entitled to your opinion and I should not resort to ‘name-calling’, please let me elaborate.

Yes, you are ignorant. Or stupid. Or naïve. Take your pick – but it’s true, and I’ll explain why in just a moment.

Firstly though, my problem is not that you’re not a feminist (though, personally, I don’t understand why anyone would shy away from such a label) but that you would so foolishly believe that there is something inherently wrong with feminism.

Feminism isn’t about women being better than men or belittling women who want to be stay at home mums. I understand that some feminists may act this way, and like any extremist, they are wrong. But, like with all extremists, we need to separate those idiots from what feminism actually is. Feminism is about equality; it’s about making sure women have the same rights as men. It’s about giving women the chance to choose what they do in life – and if being a stay at home mum or a CEO is their choice, then it’s about supporting that.

It’s also about supporting men’s rights too – their right to be equal. I know that sounds ironic – aren’t men the one with all the rights? Isn’t that what feminism is opposing? But it’s actually not. Men aren’t ‘equal’, either. In some ways, they have more advantages over women. But guess what? So do women. My standards to get into a restaurant or a club are very different to a man’s.

But it’s more than that. They should have the right to cry without fear of judgement, or to express a lack of interest in sports or to cry ‘rape’ and not have other men respond with ‘but sex is the greatest thing EVER – how could you be raped?’

So please, before you hold up your cutesy little sign declaring the feminism is stupid, think about what you’re saying. Think about the movement you’re dissing. As you’ve grown up in this society, I’m sure you don’t realise that not all that long ago women had to choose between a job and a marriage. That there were only certain jobs women could even get, and they were often asked very personal questions during those job interviews (like: Do you plan to get married?).

And still today, things can and are often unfair for women in the workforce. I’m a teacher, and I can assure you that there are more female teachers than males. As a male, because there’s so few male teachers, you’re more than likely guaranteed to get a teaching position over a female teacher for that reason alone.

Despite this, there are more male teachers in leadership positions than females. Maybe it’s because men are more ambitious (I have no idea, I’m just trying to say maybe more women like being a teacher and don’t want the extra responsibility that comes with a leadership position). Maybe it’s because of a sexism. I have no idea; what I do know is, statistically, there are more men in leadership positions than women in the teaching profession. To me, that says that there’s a problem.

And that’s just my experience, with teaching, alone – that’s not every freaking job there is in the world.

So sure, hold up your cute sign, but next write, “I don’t want equality, because…” because that’s what you’re really saying.




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