But Why Doesn’t She Leave?

Every single time there’s a domestic violence report in Australia (and unfortunately Australia has a huge domestic violence problem) people comment and pass their judgement. Obviously. It’s what humanity does. Many people offer support, provide their own personal stories, and say things like, “I’ll pray for you.” However, for every person that is kind with … Continue reading But Why Doesn’t She Leave?

Brain on Fire: Review

As soon as Netflix dropped Brain on Fire, I immediately watched it – as someone with a chronic disability, the idea of someone else suffering an invisible, unexplained illness, was all too reminiscent of both my past and my future. The movie itself isn’t fantastic – don’t get me wrong, it’s worth the watch (especially … Continue reading Brain on Fire: Review

The Friend Zone

So often, I see memes and stories on the internet about how “nice guys” are always overlooked by women. You would’ve heard about it, too – it’s often referred to as the “friend-zone”. This “friend-zone” theory irritates me because more often than not, these so-called “nice guys” often don’t want a friendship – they use … Continue reading The Friend Zone

The Right To Choose

Abortion. It’s one of the most controversial topics in today’s society – if not the most controversial. In my experience, especially as a teacher, most people don’t actually understand the difference between pro-life and pro-choice. In my experience, most people are actually pro-choice – they just don’t realise it or want to accept what that … Continue reading The Right To Choose

The Friendship Breakup: Caught In The Middle

A common question I’m asked about friendship break ups is what to do when it’s between mutual friends – and what that person should do. Obviously, when you’re caught in the middle of two friends feuding, it’s never fun, and you almost certainly pick sides (even if that was never your intention). For this one, … Continue reading The Friendship Breakup: Caught In The Middle

Truth or Consequences

The other night, I watched a powerful episode of Doctor Who. (I am a MAJOR Doctor Who fan. If you’ve never seen it, you need to get on that bandwagon. Seriously.) In this episode, The Zygon Invension, the Zygons, an alien race capable of replicating human faces (meaning, they can become anyone), has decided to … Continue reading Truth or Consequences

The Friendship Break-Up: How Do I End A Friendship?

One of the most popular articles I’ve ever written is The Friendship Breakup, and people often write and send messages in regards to my personal experiences – so, as a result, I thought that I’d answer some commonly asked questions that I receive. Firstly, I can’t stress the importance of actually physically ending a friendship … Continue reading The Friendship Break-Up: How Do I End A Friendship?

Dear White Feminists

Obvi, We're The Ladies

Dear White Feminists,

I am tired of being your token. If and when I’m invited to your table I am either ignored or stripped of my integrity. You demand the world of me— thinking I can solve life’s biggest problems. Even if I do provide you with my ideas and opinions, do you even listen? Do you even care?

I have been socialized to be complacent and agreeable so that I can survive in the liberal white bubble that is my hometown. I was taught that these characteristics would give me access to higher education, a career, and respect. In the process, I lost myself and sacrificed my mental wellness.

I am tired of trusting you to do the right thing. I am tired of supporting you only to have you do or say something problematic almost immediately after I voice that support. You constantly try to make me choose…

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