Carla’s Sometimes Sober Drunk Reviews: Red Carpet Diaries 1:5


Okay, so if you haven’t started Elodie’s Red Carpet Diary Journey, and you’re somewhat interested in a walkthrough, you should check out:

Red Carpet Diaries, Book One

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

For everyone else, let’s move on to Chapter 5!

Okay, so last week Elodie was attending her audition for Tender Nothings which is a great name, because like Jon Snow, Elodie seems to know nothing.

Like who the main actors are for the movie she’s auditioning for.

After you and Matt flirt a little, the director named Markus, who’s an absolute jerk, will yell at you both. You can either take the fall with Matt or let Matt just take the blame.

Eventually, after a few scenes, things get steamy and Matt removes his shirt, which makes me very happy, even if he’s a cartoon human.

Victoria turns up and is an absolute bitch and tries to destroy your audition, and you can choose how to react, but I’m gonna let you know Markus won’t give a shit, so I’d just let Victoria be a bit of a bitch. She’s a potential LI if you’re into people treating you like absolute shit and then later falling for you.

Matt is sad because he thinks you abandoned him and didn’t like him, which is sweet.

Matt talks to you about the pressure he feels as an action star, and then you have three choices (two are diamond ones). Sometimes you’ll be able to pick more than one diamond option, but in this situation, you have to pick between Matt and Teja. You can see that I obviously chose Matt.

You meet a fan if you go out with Matt, and then you have a nice dinner. When you go to leave, you will have a timed option which sucks if you’re playing this tipsy which I was most definitely not, and that is between Freeze and Run or something. I can’t remember, because of the wine I was not drinking at the time.

I dunno what happens if you freeze – I imagine Matt probably drags you down the alleyway or something – but if you run away you get to have an intimate moment with Matt. I’d like to have sex with him in the park, but Choices doesn’t allow that choice yet.

Then you say goodbye to Matt and talk to Chazz about your audition.

For some reason, you’re surprised to learn that an agent, who works in Hollywood, is aware of one of the most popular movies coming out that year, knows the super famous stars.

It’s weird. It’s like me going to star as an extra in the new Avengers movie and being like, ‘Wait, Josh Brolin is here!?’ Of course fucking Thanos is there, and I wouldn’t be daft enough to not go to such a serious audition so underprepared.

Chazz points out the fucking obvious. Like, even in the Choices world, I know you have access to the internet, Elodie. It’s even a huge plot point in Book 2.

And let’s not pretend like you weren’t going to Google-stalk Matt after meeting him twice and almost having sex with him at a party.

Chazz apologies because you’re a dumbass.

You win the role (because of course, this wouldn’t be a very fun game if you didn’t)! But that’s not all that’s in store for you/Elodie!

What reviews would you like to see here? List ANYTHING you’d like me to review!

Do you play Choices? What’s your favourite game? Share below! 

‘Til next time.




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