Forgotten Women Leaders: A Message

Hey everyone!

Due to a serious injury on my wife’s part, I am helping her with writing and uploading documents. Most of these are already written and placed in files and folders, but Carla hadn’t created anything for Forgotten Women Leaders (bar the first post), so these posts will return when Carla is able to write them.

In the meantime, hopefully you enjoy a lot of the new content Carla has been working on!

~ Scott


9 thoughts on “Forgotten Women Leaders: A Message

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    Hello to Scott! Thank you for taking care of Carla’s avid readers while she recuperates! I know she thanks you, but you deserve extra kudos!

    I hope you feel better soon, Carla. I know from reading the comments you’re moving in the right direction. If there’s anything I can do, proofread, post puppy pictures, fly out to Australia & pet your head while singing Soft Kitty (it’s a Big Bang Theory, if you aren’t a huge fan like me), just say the word.

    Of course, if you want me to fly out there, it’ll take a while. I’ll need to re-new my passport. That’s about it. ❀

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    • thingscarlaloves says:

      Awww thank you so much!! Is this the comment you meant!? I love Soft Kitty! I even have a tshirt that says soft kitty!

      I’m getting slowly better at replying properly, though I’m leaving everything that’s longer and more challenging for later, because my mind gets soooo overwhelmed so easily.

      Thank you so much Ariel ❀

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Argh! No, it’s not the comment I meant on your other post. I’ll have to try & repost it. Darned WordPress! It was a reply to the discussion we were having about my heritage. Oh well, I saved it for just this occasion. I’ll go figure out some way around WP’s “you can’t repost this comment” algorithm.

        I have a tee-shirt with the whole Soft Kitty song. I also have socks with portions of the song, or the whole song (on one pair of the socks). I’m so sad that the show is ending after this season!

        I’m glad that you’re slowly starting to return to the WP world. I’m sure everyone will understand if it takes you longer or if you’re not as detail-oriented as you are usually. We all just want you to get better!


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