Grey Learns // A Groundbreaking Journalist, Strong Abolitionist and Feminist – Ida B. Wells

Use Your Words

idabwells-560x792.jpgIda B Wells had no time for your racism or sexism.

She was a groundbreaking journalist, a strong abolitionist and feminist who would stop at nothing to stop lynching in the United States.

Ida did not do things quietly and more often than not she had white mobs on her heels as she travelled through the south researching lynching cases and destroying the myth that lynching was a rightful punishment for black men accused of raping white women.

Cloud SeparationMary_Garrity_-_Ida_B._Wells-Barnett_-_Google_Art_Project_-_restoration_crop.jpgBorn into slavery in the height of the Civil War, Ida b Wells was only 3 years old when the slave trade was formally abolished in 1865.

Black men were getting the right to vote, giving them representation in government for the first time.

Her father was an illegitimate son and slave of a wealthy white man. He became active in politics after Emancipation and put a lot of importance on education…

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Broken Shards Of A Shattered Dream: Oh A Storm Is Threatening My Very Life Today Vol #8

There’s this myth that goes around, that if a snake bites you, you suck the venom out of it. It’s something that some people believe, for some reason, even though trying to suck the venom out will probably just kill you faster, and it certainly won't help. (If you’re bitten by a snake, you need … Continue reading Broken Shards Of A Shattered Dream: Oh A Storm Is Threatening My Very Life Today Vol #8

White Authors and Characters of Color


While I am specifically using this post as a piece for my Black History Month collection, please keep in mind that the overarching theme can be applied for all marginalized groups.

The inspiration for this article came from reading two separate posts about this topic, both written by white bloggers.

The first was a white man who wanted to include diverse characters in his stories, not only because he wanted to provide that representation, but because he wanted to make sure that as an ally he was doing it right. I very much appreciated that post.

The second was from a white woman who basically said that POC (and other minoritized groups) were sometimes “too sensitive” about the things that authors said…. So basically she believed that just because she personally didn’t find something offensive, then it wasn’t a big deal.

First, in my opinion, it is not a bad…

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#ButDon’tWantYouGetBetter: So, As A Neurotypical Person, What Does Depression Feel Like?

I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible to put what depression feels like into words for someone who is neurotypical, and has never experienced depression before. It’d be easy to say that depression is you experiencing the worst day you’ve ever had of your entire life, but over and over and over again, like a … Continue reading #ButDon’tWantYouGetBetter: So, As A Neurotypical Person, What Does Depression Feel Like?

So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #4

People start writing for different reasons. Sometimes they see a blog as a personal diary, and if people read it, cool, and if not, also cool. Some people like reviewing certain things, and do so just for pleasure. Most of us just want to write, and a blog can be a decent outlet to do … Continue reading So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #4

Hidden Figures & Small Great Things


Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here!

Last night, I finally got to see Hidden Figures (although I didn’t read the book) and it brought up some things that I feel need to be said.

First, if you have not seen this movie yet then I highly recommend that you do. Not just because it’s a good movie but because it’s a good history lesson.

As I’ve mentioned before (and I’m sure a lot of POC have had this discussion) it’s incredibly frustrating that we only learn any African American history during Black History Month and even then it’s only slavery and the same three civil rights activists.We hardly learn anything about Native American or Asian cultures and the only mention of anything Latinx/Hispanic is Spanish Colonialism. Then again, what do you expect when the authors of most history texts books are almost all white and predominately men.

The movie displays…

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The Weekly Catch-Up Vol #3

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Shut Up & Hold My Fucking Margarita (Answering Questions You Wish No One Had Asked): No, The Government Doesn’t Owe You A Wife

Okay, so people post some stuff that I just want to scream, ‘What the fuck are you fucking thinking, you fucking dickhead?’  So I’ve decided to create “Shut Up and Hold My Fucking Margarita” questions to abolish some ignorant-as-fuck myths that people seem to earnestly believe because they’ve obviously never heard of Google before, let … Continue reading Shut Up & Hold My Fucking Margarita (Answering Questions You Wish No One Had Asked): No, The Government Doesn’t Owe You A Wife

I’m A 90’s Bitch: Mean Girls

Mean Girls is about Cady Heron, a young adult who has been homeschooled as her parents lived in Africa. I don't know why I'm writing this, because ya'll have bloody well seen it. Anyway, she encounters the 'Plastics' which are the Queen Bees of the school, and shit happens. ***Beware Ye All Who Dare Enter … Continue reading I’m A 90’s Bitch: Mean Girls

Current Status…

Taylor's Place

In the last year, my life has shifted in so many ways and I’ve taken to writing to help sort through all the emotions. These days I’m trying to write more often than not – some days the task is easier to do than other days but I’m getting there.

I began journalling as an outlet for all the things I needed to communicate to my mom and no longer could. One of the most difficult things for me throughout this whole ordeal has been the loss of communication with her. I feel like, for the most part, I can deal with not seeing her everyday because I’ve lived apart from her before, when I went to college, and leading up to her getting sick, I split my time between our home and my boyfriend’s house. So not seeing her anymore is something I am able to come to better…

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