So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #6

Sometimes, when writing, you just get stumped. You don’t know what to write, or when, or why.

Maybe you’re fatigued from keeping up your writing schedule; maybe you’ve got a case of writer’s block.

Maybe you have all the ideas, but for some reason, despite having all the ideas, you just can’t seem to put it to paper.

So what’s a great way to get out of this?

Tip #6: Connect With Your Community

This one is slightly different to last week’s post about connecting with your audience. Your audience (those who are coming to your blog because you’re giving advice, writing a dramatic creepypasta, or are sharing great recipes, etc) is there to read whatever you’re writing for whatever reason you’re writing.

Your community is the other bloggers around you.

Check out what the people who read your blog write about. If you find them/their posts interesting, like and follow.

If you’re looking for something new, go to the WordPress Reader and click “discover” and scroll through, clicking on random blogs that look potentially interesting.

And I bet you’re wondering how this helps with writer’s block or whatever the bloody else you’ve got that’s preventing you from writing, or writing as well as you’d like.

Well, it’s two-fold: You can be inspired by what others write. Maybe you see a subject someone’s touched on, and that inspires you to write about something else that you felt they missed or glossed over, and you can connect with others who are on WordPress sharing a similar passion of yours, and you can share ideas, inspirations, tips and tricks with someone.

Whatever it is, discovering new blogs is great for both garnering ideas and connecting with your community – you know, the people who help support you.

Maybe you hated one person’s post, for whatever reason, and form an opposing argument.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll see what someone else is writing and think, hey, that’s interesting. I like that.

And then you just connect, and talk, bouncing your ideas off of everyone.

Chances are, it’ll work. Your mind will see how others are blogging, what’s working for them, what you think you need/want.

Last week, I asked if anyone wanted to share a particular blog or piece of theirs that they felt stood out for any reason, and that person was Laura Beth, from Hotshot Headlines.

Here is Laura Beth’s piece here, and you can see how she’s managed to form an excellent discussion on Sesame Street.

Want to share a post you’re proud of with the world? Leave it in the comment section and I’ll shout it out with my next tip!

Enjoy your week my lovely kittens.





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