Thinness, Happiness, and the Problem of Unchecked Thin Privilege

‘Being visible, outspoken about weight bias and discrimination, and fat usually results in abuse. Ask Lindy West. Ask Tess Holliday. Ask ljeoma Oluo. Ask Roxane Gay. The world does not take fat people seriously, particularly not about their own experiences and bodies.

So, people who make a living spreading the gospel of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size, I salute you. I also ask that you not minimize the pain and suffering of fat people, minimize or deny our oppression, and please periodically ask check your privilege and ask yourself, “What am I doing to end the oppression of fat people?” ‘

Fluffy Kitten Party

I was browsing Instagram recently and saw this post from Isabel Foxen Duke‘s ‘gram:

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 6.18.20 PM

I sat with this for a minute. I thought about it. I closed Instagram. I wanted to comment, but I also wanted to think about why this post was so immediately troubling to me. I needed to gather my thoughts.


And here it is: this post minimizes the pain and oppression of fat people.

Oppression Leads to Depression

This seems like a fairly simple concept, but perhaps it needs to be explained more. Fat people are systemically oppressed. Oppression sucks. Oppression is painful. And systemic oppression results in higher rates of depression, across the board.

The area where this connection has been studied the most is in class oppression, or poverty. “About 31% of Americans in poverty say they have at some point been diagnosed with depression compared with 15.8% of those not in…

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5 Simple Things Restaurants Can Do to Be More Accessible to Fat People

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I’ve been thinking a lot about accessibility lately. And it seems like the restaurant world is, too: The Washington City Paper recently published a great, long-form piece by Laura Hayes about the lack of accessibility in D.C.’s restaurants. Today, Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsma announced that he will start including accessibility information in his reviews, after years of being asked about it by his readers. Including information like this in restaurant reviews is important: critics like Sietsma can make or break restaurants, they send business to restaurants’ doors, help fill their tables, and can take their brand to new heights (or severely tarnish it). When a critic slams a particular dish, or a negative review is published, restaurant owners often scramble to make amends and right their wrongs. Food critics wield considerable power. And when they make an effort to call out the ways an establishment is

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Where’s The Pro-Life Crowd?



Earlier this week, a 16-year-old boy from Guatemala died after being apprehended at the U.S. Border. He is the fifth migrant child since December to die after being apprehended at the U.S. border.

The boy was “found unresponsive” during a routine welfare check Monday morning at Weslaco Station, the facility where he was being held. The boy was taken into custody after crossing the U.S. border in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on May 13 and was due to be moved into custody of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, which oversees care of unaccompanied or separated migrant children after they are initially processed by immigration authorities.

Do you have right-wing whackanoodles among your friends and followers on social media? If so, have they been going ape in rejoicing about the numerous abortion bans taking place in red states across the nation? Of course they have…

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… Ready For It? (Giveaway)

On June 11, my debut novel, You Know You Want It, will be available for you to win one of twenty free giveaways. To receive a free copy, you will need to register with Voracious Readers. For authors, you can also register your book by following this link here if you would like to sign up … Continue reading … Ready For It? (Giveaway)

Men and Mental Health

Blind Injustice

As some of my readers know, I’ve had some experiences with intrusive thoughts, which is when one struggles with unwelcome, unpleasant, and upsetting thoughts and ideas. These experiences led me to write about mental health from a faith (Christian faith, more specifically) point-of-view a couple of months ago.

Writing about mental health from a faith perspective is important. However, given the sobering statistic that 77% of those who die by suicide in the United States are men, as well as the fact that we are in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Month, I think it’s important to have a discussion about men and mental health.

The thing about men, at least in the United States, is that
we have expectations connected to our gender identity that make it problematic
to be open about our mental health. We’re taught to be tough, strong, not show weakness,

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Queers Gone By Reading Challenge Announcement!


Hi all!

I’m so excited to be announcing that I’m one of the hosts for Molly @ Bookish Bi Babe‘s amazing reading challenge, Queers Gone By!

Each of the hosts were responsible for creating the reading prompts for two LGBTQ+ women — my prompts are for Janelle Monáe and Josephine Baker.

Make sure to check back May 16 for book recommendations for each reading prompt for Janelle Monáe and Josephine Baker!


The other hosts for this challenge are: 

Kitty: Blog | Twitter
Kathy: Youtube | Twitter
Lili: Blog | Twitter
Sarah: Blog | Twitter
Eloise: Blog | Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm


The Queers Gone By reading challenge was created with the goal to celebrate and remember LGBTQ+ women and their achievements throughout history to present. I hope you enjoy taking part and learning a bit about each woman in the process! There’s also a ton of gorgeous goodies to be won! 🙈✨


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So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #13

According to a million scientific studies, including this one from Berkeley, music helps produce creative productivity. It also improves our mental health, and we're more likely to freely access memories that are stimulated via music. Think about it. Are you a Grey's fan? Or were you, in the early days? Well, chances are, when listening to … Continue reading So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #13