So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #13

tip 13

According to a million scientific studies, including this one from Berkeley, music helps produce creative productivity.

It also improves our mental health, and we’re more likely to freely access memories that are stimulated via music.

Think about it.

Are you a Grey’s fan? Or were you, in the early days?

Well, chances are, when listening to Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, you’re going to be thinking of a very specific scene:

I can’t hear Chasing Cars without remembering Denny’s untimely death, the “prom”, the vet, everything.

The same thing happens when you write.

I’ve mentioned before that I have “dance” music and I have “listening” music.

And sometimes, I have writing music.

Lately, it’s been Taylor Swift’s Reputation, as it stimulates something in my brain that just makes me want to write, but it can be anything.

Sometimes it’s classical music.

Regardless, it’s always easy-listening music – nothing that will get me too “involved” in any aspect, giving me the ability to completely immerse myself in my work.

The trick is finding the music that will stimulate your creative juices.

It may take a few trial and errors, but try it and see if it makes a difference (and let me know if you’ve been using music to help you with your mindfulness exercises!).

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