Choices: Veil Of Secrets Vol #1



In Choices, you can sometimes play as someone with male and/or female appearance, and Veil of Secrets is one of those. Your first choice is whether you want to play as a man or a woman. I picked a woman.


This is my person, and her name is Annabelle, which is my favourite name, mostly because it’s named after a killer demon-doll.

You start off in a police interrogation room:


You’re then shown a bunch of crime scene photos by the detective:

The detective then says there’s been a kidnapping, arson, and a murder, and this sounds like a town that’s very interesting for one fucking weekend.

Anyway, the detective thinks we know who did it.

I don’t know who did it, but I’m betting my character probably does.

Anyway, Annabelle says, “It all started like a month ago at a wedding” and could you be any more cliched? (It’s okay; I love it.)


You open the invitation reminding you that you’re attending your (former?) best friend’s wedding. It’s your best friend, but apparently you’ve not seen each other for a while or something.

You then meet an Incredibly Handsome Stranger:

He turns out to be Grant Emerson, which I copied, in case some of ya’ll are super into solving crimes and shit:

Anyway, you’re given three reply options:


And I picked the third one.

Grant makes this face:


And I’m disturbed how weirdly attracted I am to cartoon characters.

But shut up, he’s cute AF.

Instead of screenshotting, I accidentally missed a few slides, so to make up for it, I copied a few extra:

Grant turns out to be a criminal lawyer, and I’m not trying to say foreshadowing, but:


Every now and then during each chapter, you’ll get special “Tutorial” scenes that you have to pay diamonds for. I’ll pay for most of the diamond options (I save my diamonds like crazy for the books I really want to play, so you’ll be able to see most of the “Tutorial” scenes as a result).


This tutorial doesn’t cost you anything – it’s just a warning that everyone’s a suspect.

You then bump into Kate, who is supposedly your best friend but you’re genuinely shocked she invited you to her wedding and haven’t seen her for years or met her fiancée or anything.

You then meet Kate’s fiancée, Tanner Sterling:

Because I’m not a bitch, I chose the “great to meet you” option, but whatever floats your boat:

You are then introduced to Scarlett Emerson:

Scarlett is a total bitch to Kate, but for some reason, is Kate’s maid of honour.

Scarlett is a bitch to you, and you can decide to be passive-aggressive or “get up in her face”. I chose the latter.

Getting up in Scarlett’s face doesn’t seem to work too well, so maybe try the passive-aggressive route if you’re playing.

You get to sit next to this really hot mystery man that kind of reminds me of Damon from Vampire Diaries, but infinitely hotter somehow.


You meet Flynn, who is Kate’s brother, but despite Kate being your best friend, you have never met him.


Kate’s father-in-law to-be gives a speech welcoming Kate:


And then him and Bryce get into a fight about Kate being a gold digger:

You can either choose to defend Kate or not, but in my story, we defend our friends, so we defended Kate even though my character knows about as much about her as I do:


Bryce is removed and Pierce is pissed at you:


However, Flynn likes it if you stand up for his sister, and as I hope to bang him, I’m okay with that.


Anyone else find this weird? Not that she’s invited, I mean. Just that you’re ‘best friends’ and you’re obviously solving this for her, but you clearly don’t know her that well. It just feels … too intense, and I say that as a person who is too fucking intense:

While Scarlett will make fun of you for standing up for Kate, Grant also likes that you stood up for Kate, which is great, because I also want to bang him, too.

You suddenly learn that Kate never had a Bachelorette party, and guess who gets a cookie if they can guess what’s going to happen next?

Doing the Bachelorette Party is a diamond option, which I choose:

We head to The Red Grouse.

Currently, my mood is Scarlett:


Kate tells you that she met Tanner Sterling when she opened a bakery named Tasty Pastry.

You get an opportunity to go up on the balcony with Grant, and you can make out with him or keep it friendly. I like to date as many people as possible and live vicariously through the game.

If you picked the going-out option, you’ll learn that all of Kate’s old friends ditched her after Tanner proposed and that she’s really lonely:


Kate’s about to tell you some secret, when Tanner comes in and interrupts to take Kate home because he’s obviously a controlling, abusive fiancée:

You find a note that says Ulysses after Tanner literally drags Kate by the arm out.


You’ll get another reminder about finding clues:


To find the most clues, you will be required to use your diamonds. Don’t worry; I saved my diamonds specifically to play this story with ya’ll, so you’ll get to see most diamond options, meaning that even if you can’t afford it, so still get to live it!

You go to the wedding, and you can get a nice dress courtesy of the B&B lady if you’re spending diamonds, which I did because I love ya’ll:

You choose whether to sit next to Flynn or Grant, and that was a tough choice, I’m not gonna lie. I picked Grant, but it was a tough choice.

By the end, you realise Kate’s missing, and you can collect a total of one clue:



Let me know in the comments who you think did it! (Or did what, exactly, as a lot has fucking happened, it would seem!)




You Know You Want It



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