Choices: Veil of Secrets Vol #2



You’re back in the Interrogation room, where the FBI guy is like, ‘So, Kate disappeared, huh?’ and you’re like, ‘No shit, Sherlock.’

Anyway, you flip back to your wedding, and you can choose to tell Flynn the truth or dodge the question. I told Flynn the truth.

For the crime sleuths, Tanner’s mother says she is the last to see Kate getting ready in the dressing room, three hours ago; apparently, no one saw the bride for three fucking hours which, as someone who’s been a bride before, I call fucking bullshit on. There is no fucking way you’re alone for three fucking hours and someone isn’t annoying you. Hell, I had people annoying me about how ‘calm’ I was, and how weird it was that I wasn’t more ‘worked up’ because apparently no one’s met a bride before who cares more about the marriage than the fucking wedding she doesn’t want. Yes, Karen, I know there’s a lot of unresolved issues there.


Bryce is shocked to hear that Grant calls the police, which actually seems like a sensible thing to do. Even if Kate’s run away, if you haven’t heard from her, you should probs call the police. Like, if her brother, best friend she hasn’t talked to for years, and maid of fucking honour don’t know where she is, I’m just saying, it’s suss.

Anyway, if you’re keen for the diamonds, you can go snooping if you’d like:

I chose Flynn, cause he’s a criminal, and he’s hot, which seems smarter than a lawyer, who might have pesky questions about ‘obstruction’ and shit:


Flynn tells you that “the Sterlings own the town”. You then can respond:


I picked ‘What’s your take?’ and Flynn tells you why he doesn’t like the Sterlings:


Flynn makes this comment, which seems like an obvious thing that an investigative journalist should already know, but whatever:


If someone has to tell you this, I don’t know how good you are at investigating 

Story reminds you how much you don’t know your best friend when you don’t even know if this is Kate’s phone or not:


However, Flynn states that Tanner has a gold phone case, but that it could be Bryce’s phone.

Anyway, the Sterlings imply that Kate’s ran off and stolen stuff and Flynn and Bryce get into a fight:


You’re then introduced to the three police officers, including the chief:

The chief is friends with the Sterlings and seems to be under the impression that it’s just a little tissie:

If you pick convincing Naomi, the chief relents and decides to do a search of the property, but if you try convincing the chief (Walsh) or the other deputy (Duffy), I don’t know if you’ll be successful. Also: Duffy is definitely the killer. I mean, seriously, who is named Duffy?

A killer. That’s who.


Look at those shifty eyes. They’re the eyes of a serial killer. But seriously, remember Doofy? I smell a Doofy.

You comfort Flynn, and share a moment:


Flynn warns you about making “an enemy of the chief” and if that doesn’t say police corruption I don’t know what does.


Anyway, Scarlett then gives you valuable information about Kate’s last-known whereabouts, which she didn’t feel the need for some reason to share earlier:

Rich people. God.

Anyway, the only police officer paying any attention is Deputy Silverhawk:

I actually don’t think it would matter which one you pick, because I think Naomi is going to go with you regardless, but I picked number two.

Anyway, it starts to storm:

If you want to get closer to Naomi, you will have to spend diamonds. Regardless of whether you want the relationship to remain platonic or not, you do get an extra clue:

The clue is in Russian, and I will write what I think it says below, but I can’t quite remember it all. If anyone speaks Russian, I’m going to place the clue on its own and if you can translate it, that would be super awesome:


I left this picture extra-large for anyone else that wants to try translating, but what I got was:

my heart

But I don’t speak Russian, or know Russian, so I’m happy to be told I’m wrong!!

Though does anyone remember that time when Putin, the President of Russia, was the head of the KGB (though they strategically renamed it the FSB) and ordered the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko via plononium? And yes, Karen, I fucking mean plononium, not plutonium, but is so much more radioactive, and not in the “Yay! I’m now Spiderman!” cool kind of way, but the very dead firefighters of Chernobyl type of way:

Adam Nagaitis As Vasily Ignatenko

Poor Vasiliy 

Anyway, remember when Putin totally ordered the murder of Alexander? No? I didn’t think so; it seems like one of those things people tend to forget, the way they’ve forgotten that Trump freely admits to sexual assault.

Anyway, after the cabin, you discover two more clues, which convinces Naomi that Kate has been kidnapped:

Next: Still, Where’s Kate?

Though we have more suspects (though if I’m missing someone SAY!):

the suspects

Let me know in the comments who you think did it! (Or did what, exactly, as a lot has fucking happened, it would seem!)




You Know You Want It




3 thoughts on “Choices: Veil of Secrets Vol #2

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    OK, my Russian is… practically non-existent, but I did take one semester in college. I think it’s actually “My heart, is my soul.” I only think that because моя isn’t the same as мое.


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