Contacting the Supreme Court

Writing Radiation

Recently, I shared
a cartoon
by my friend, Clay, about the
growing attacks on women’s reproductive rights by individual states. I promised to share the Supreme Court’s
contact info in my brief introduction to his post.

After hours & days of searching (OK, so it was a 30
second Google search), I found it.
What’s even better, I found an article claiming to know how Supreme Court justices prefer you
contact them.

The article comes from a site called Legal Beagle. The website has posts in various areas of
U.S. law that people with law training review, even if they don’t write them

I want you to have the website’s credentials. You want to make an informed decision on
whether it’s trustworthy or not.

I’m going to give a brief (as brief as I can manage,
anyways) summary of the article. I also
invite you to check

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