Does Feminism Lead To Divorce?

There are a lot of fucking ignorant misconceptions surrounding feminism, one of which is the idea that feminists are often unable to marry (which is why they are feminists) or that being a feminist will lead to divorce. Firstly, feminists do marry (if they want to). I’m married, and I’m married to a male feminist. … Continue reading Does Feminism Lead To Divorce?


The Ex Files: Nothing Lasts Forever Vol #15

To help with understanding why it’s not as easy as people think to “just leave”, I will be writing a few memoir collections on my abusive ex. From here on in, I will refer to my ex as Ben, after Ben Affleck, because I have an irritational hatred for Ben Affleck. Seriously. There’s a lot of … Continue reading The Ex Files: Nothing Lasts Forever Vol #15

Ask A Teacher (Parent Edition): My Child Won’t Speak To Me. Why?

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here on this one, and assume you mean more than what appears to be usual teenage “angst”. By “angst”, what I actually mean is that your children, when they reach a certain age, need to start forming relationships with people that aren’t their parents. This is … Continue reading Ask A Teacher (Parent Edition): My Child Won’t Speak To Me. Why?

Every White Man’s Sentence

When I first saw Melissa Lozada-Olivia’s slam poem Every White Man’s Sentence, I was personally really impressed. I thought she raised some excellent points about how some men try and silence women’s voices. This, to be clear, isn’t a feminist thing – although it’s a large part of feminism and part of the reason I … Continue reading Every White Man’s Sentence

Truth or Consequences

The other night, I re-watched a powerful episode of Doctor Who. (Major Doctor Who fan. If you don't believe me, you clearly haven't seen my Instagram.) In this particular episode, The Zygon Invension, (it's a two-parter, with The Zygon Invasion being the first one, but I'm focusing on the second part for this post) the Zygons, an … Continue reading Truth or Consequences

The Difference Between Equality and Equity

When discussing social justice and human rights issues, more often than not we use the term “equality”. As humans, we are desperate for things to be equal, and we have every right to have that desperation.  It’s only human to want what others have, to be treated the same, to want to be treated equally.  And let’s face it; most … Continue reading The Difference Between Equality and Equity